Apple building sensors to monitor blood sugar levels


Apple is reportedly working on a medical project: building sensors to monitor blood sugar levels without piercing the skin.

Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes.


  • Apple has a secret group of biomedical engineers developing sensors to monitor blood sugar levels, sources tell CNBC
  • The initiative was initially envisioned by Steve Jobs before his death
  • If successful, the advance could help millions of diabetes patients and turn devices like the Apple Watch into a must-have

They are part of a super secret initiative envisioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, to develop sensors that can continuously monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Such a breakthrough would be a “holy grail” for life sciences. Many life sciences companies have tried and failed, as it’s highly challenging to track glucose levels accurately without piercing the skin.

The efforts have been going on for at least five years, the people said. Jobs envisioned wearable devices, like smartwatches, being used to monitor important vitals, such as oxygen levels, heart rate and blood glucose.

Apple isn’t alone in developing a glucose monitor. Google is developing a “smart contact lens” that it said will hopefully monitor glucose and warn users if their level is dropping too low.

It’s not yet clear when Apple’s sensor will be complete and it would come as part of its own device, or included in an Apple Watch.

Google’s life sciences team, is currently working on a “smart” contact lens to measure blood sugar via the eye, and it partnered up with DexCom in 2015 to develop a glucose-sensing device no bigger than a bandage.

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