Blood Donation Application Introduced in Pakistan


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اس پر ‏‎Yasir Ameen‎‏ نے شائع کیا اتوار، 5 مارچ، 2017

When people need blood in an emergency, they often get nervous for their patient and they strive to get blood no matter what the cost. They get troubled and seek help from relatives which often makes things difficult. Keeping these problems in his mind a young guy from Karachi the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan finds an idea to resolve this problem.

Yasir Ameen, an Android developer, and social worker introduced a simple and user-friendly platform for donors and patients, which will help them to communicate, locate and help each other to save a precious life. He developed an exceptional Android application titled as LIFE also available at PLAY STORE and free to download.


Our representative contacted him for more details and he told us that

“The aim of this application is to help people when they are worried about their patient. Initially this application is for City with an estimated population of 28 Million people, However as users will increase this will be used Country wide”

When we questioned about design details of this application Yasir Ameen said

“I selected red color to represent blood as the main color of my application. Using Map user can create a new Marker, Markers are of two colors. GREEN MARKER represent one who want to donate blood and RED MARKER represent who want blood”

To use LIFE application users have to register themselves using the mobile number. New features will be updated in the application in upcoming days. IOS version of the application is under development and soon it will be launched on iTunes.



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