Canon Enters Drone Market With Full Frame Camera


Canon has decided to break into the drone market, but probably not in the way you think. New Canon drone will be featuring a ME20F-SH high sensitivity camera, and by high sensitivity they mean ISO that can go all the way up to ISO 4 560 000!

The Japanese camera giant has been in the camera business for almost 80 years, but it’s new to drones. It will be very fascinating to see what kind of Drone plus Camera combo Canon will produce.

This drone will apparently be aimed at the search and rescue market due to the cameras ability to shoot in low light. The price tag for the drone is reported to be around $20,000, which we assume doesn’t include the $20,000 ME20F-SH camera.

Drone is called ‘PD6E2000-AW-CJ1’ and isn’t a rumor, You can see the drone in action in video:

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera captures video at up to 1920 x 1080p 60 and supports both NTSC and PAL broadcast frame rates. The camera incorporates a full frame 35mm-sized sensor with approximately 2.26 million pixels. This results in a pixel that is about 7.5 x larger than the pixels on optional Canon Full-frame DSLR cameras, which provides for camera’s notable ISO rating.

According to canonrumors main features of drone are

  • Ultrahigh sensitivity
  • Minimum object illuminance 0.0005 lux or less
  • With 2-axis gimbals mounted, image shooting without blurring is realized.
  • It is possible to change pitch / roll direction and camera direction.
  • Maximum payload 10 kg
  • Weatherproof 6-sheet machine capable of flight at rainy
  • We realized a maximum payload of 10 kg with a motor with high power specification

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