Facebook Carried Out Massive Spam Operation Against Fake Accounts


Air, water, and food are those basic necessities that are essential for entire human being to stay alive; at the moment when we are talking about this, it is the 21stcentury which is considered as a milestone century for the progress and development in the technology sector.

Likewise, any other technology, socializing via the web or social networking has become an integral part of our daily lives. Frankly speaking, I myself cannot live a day without scrolling the timeline and my news feed. Social networking platforms like FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat had become popular among users the dynamics of internet marketing has also changed.

Earlier most of the advertisers used to publish flyers, pamphlets and other tangible promotional material to market themselves and their products but in this era of internet, almost 90% of the marketing strategies are now dominated by social media and search engines.

Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites which is the huge medium of communication between friends and your loved ones and even you can make new friends here too. And we know that any open platforms is not always secure similarly Facebook isn’t secure from spammers too. You must have noticed lots of fake accounts that have suspicious names and suspicious profile pictures either people make these accounts or they are created by BOTs.

Mostly these types of spam accounts are made to blackmail, harass, make hacking attempts and do spam marketing. These are surely a cause of depression for almost all Facebook users, the team Facebook keeping in mind the obstacles that are being faced by their users recently carried out a massive spam operation against these spammy networks. Facebook has almost now made it impossible for everyone to create and use fake accounts.

What Else You Need To Know About This Operation?

Reportedly the anti-spam team of Facebook has invested at least of 6 months to carry out this operation clean up. Just in the last week Facebook has banned over 30,000 fake profiles that were being used to generate low quality content. Officials from Facebook clearly stated that they have disrupted a massive international spam operation from over last 6 months and up to some extent we have been succeeded in it.

Further the official said, We have made it almost impossible now to make and create fake users on Facebook even if someone makes one successfully the automated anti-spam BOT on Facebook will analyze the profile if it found something fishy in the profile it will be banned immediately. For more details you can watch the official blog post by Facebook on this issue.

The team of Facebook is quite satisfied because their users are now quite feeling satisfied after this massive spam operation against fake profiles. Improve in these protocols have generated positive impacts not just within the community but among the advertisers, publishers and partners as well. So you are trying to make fake accounts be informed that it is now almost impossible to do so.

Additionally Facebook stated that pages that are having of around 10,000 likes can expect a drop of upto 3% from the total number of likes because the spam operation has removed many of the ‘inauthentic likes’ also from the network and discarded it. This mechanism hopefully will remain alive as it has become a proper algorithmic faction of the code.

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