Microsoft Announces SQL Server 2017 With Artificial Intelligence


Get ready for SQL Server 2017. Microsoft announced the next version of its RDBMS, officially named SQL Server 2017 and many of the new features at its Data Amp Virtual Event on Wednesday. New SQL Server is available on both Windows and Linux, also announced a new preview of SQL Server 2017.

In new Preview, Microsoft added a number of new capabilities, including the ability to run advanced analytics using Python in a parallelized and highly scalable way, the ability to store and analyze graph data, and other capabilities that help you manage SQL Server for high performance and uptime, including the Adaptive Query Processing family of intelligent database features and resumable online indexing.

Bring the industry-leading performance and security of SQL Server to Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.

Microsoft says it’s building artificial intelligence capabilities directly into SQL Server 2017, as it introduces pre-trained neural network models for sentiment analysis and image featurisation, and supports SparklyR, SparkETL and SparkSQL, along with GPU support for neural networks.

What you’ll love about SQL Server 2017

– Industry-leading performance

 Perform queries up to 100x faster than
disk with in-memory columnstore, and
transactions up to 30x faster with
in-memory OLTP.


– Least vulnerable

Use layers of protection, including innovative
features such as encryption at rest and in motion,
all from the least vulnerable database
over the last seven years.*

– Real-time intelligence

Gain transformative insights with up to 1 million
predictions per second using built-in Python and
R integration, and get end-to-end
mobile BI on any platform.

– Any application, anywhere

Build modern applications
using any data,
any language, any platform—
on-premises and in the cloud.
In addition, some functionality that was previously available in SQL Server on Windows is now available on Linux for the first time. This includes:
  • Additional SQL Server Agent capabilities – Use SQL Server Agent to keep replicas in sync with log shipping.
  • Listener for Always On availability groups – The listener enables clients to connect to the primary replica in an availability group, monitoring availability and directing connections to the replicas.

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