Microsoft Cloudbook Competitor To The Chromebook


In a few weeks, at its education-focused Microsoft hardware and software event in New York on 2nd of May 2017, Microsoft going to unveil an inexpensive computer designed to primarily run apps from the cloud and something more robust than a Surface but not as fancy as a Surface Book.

Microsoft is gearing up to take on Google Chromebooks and It’s called a CloudBook. Not only are CloudBook PCs powerful, they are also incredibly portable like Surface Pro and Surface Book.

According to reports, it will run a new variant of Windows 10 called Windows Cloud. The device would supposedly be an inexpensive laptop that is designed to run apps from the Cloud and the Microsoft App Store. It will only be able to run apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

A leaked build of Windows Cloud was available back in February 2017 and users who tried it stated that it Is basically Windows 10 with a few modifications to encourage the User to use cloud-based apps.

Microsoft would be very desperate to take on Google in the education segment where there is an increasing demand for cheaper and convenient devices.

Meanwhile, Google has brought Android apps to Chromebooks, and good convertible and detachable Chromebooks are available worldwide and Apple has replaced Surface Pro with the large, high-end iPad Pro tablets with optional solid keyboard covers.

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