Ride The Virtual World Using Facebook Space


Want to hang out with your loved ones in exotic lands of Montenegro or enjoy the serenity of Greece, all in the precinct of your house?? Well ‘facebook spaces’ make the impossible possible now.

Today, as Facebook ventures into the social VR world it answers the questions that were left hanging in the air three years back, by astounded people at the purchase of Oculus by Facebook.

Facebook has formed an integral part of our lives today that is inextricably intertwined with our daily activities. With the introduction of emerging social interaction into 3D virtual spaces, it has broadened the horizon for catching up with friends and family anywhere around the world and explore an environment which takes communication to a whole new level plunging into the virtual world.

VR is better with friends!

Wear your Oculus Rift and begin your ride by creating your own avatar, using any of your Facebook photos with a diverse range of options for your VR appearance. Once you are done with it you can invite your friends to accompany you in your spellbinding ride, since VR is not about isolation anymore.

The virtual marker enables you to draw anything you can dream of bringing out your artistic inner-self, which means you can display your 3D drawing masterpieces too or doodle aimlessly. The 360 videos that you can view transport you to mesmerizing places and witness scenes you never have before. Experience the inexperienced from the comfort of your home. It’s a teleport taking you to places of your interest including pages or people you like.

Relive your most treasured memories with your loved ones anytime you are nostalgic or create new amazing ones along the journey of exploring the 3D world. This is the most elemental part that you can actually feel you are in person with your friends. For bringing in your friends in the real world into your VR space you can call them with messenger video calling, giving them a peek of your virtual world.

For those who want to take a break from hustle and bustle and frenzy of life can take a pause and enjoy the solitude by muting friends and removing them from your space for in Space you control your own experiences.

The selfie stick, of course, is an embellishment to the app for allowing you to take selfies with your friends or of your experiences and share them in VR on Facebook.

Although ‘facebook space’ is available on oculus rift right now it will soon be launching on other VR platforms too, unfortunately, at the moment smartphone-based VR systems do not have Space.

This is just the scratching at the surface of VR technology. It will continue to evolve, connecting people around the world in more meaningful ways.

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