What is Navdy and how it works


The Navdy is a way to make your car smarter with the power of projection created by Automotive technology startup company. Navdy is the first HUD (heads-up display) to make driving more high-tech and safer.

Our phones and our cars are integral to our everyday life. But the two were never built to work together, until now. The Navdy Head-Up Display (HUD) was created so that these two constants could interact in ways that make sense and make us happy. Now you can stay connected to your network, your car and the road ahead—all at once.

The Navdy app wirelessly connects with your iPhone or Android phone, providing quick access to apps, destinations, contacts and settings. Features of App includes:

  • , Navdy makes it easy to search for destinations, routes and traffic which is Powered by Google Maps, even while you’re offline or low on battery life.
  • When directions are on display, they’ll never leave your line of sight—even when texts, notifications or calls appear.
  • Using the Navdy Dial, tap into Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or Google Play to easily pick the right song for right now.
  • Navdy will read your text messages, emails and notifications out loud and let you respond using Siri or Google Assistant. You can also accept or dismiss calls just by swiping your hand.
  • With info like Speed Limit, MPG, Fuel Range, directions, RPM, Compass and more on your Navdy Head-Up Display (HUD) you’re always aware of important driver information.
  • Navdy keeps you up to speed on your scheduled events and notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, weather and more.
  • By pressing the Navdy Dial and giving a verbal command you access all the features of Siri and Google Assistant.

With the Navdy App, your phone is now fully in sync with your car and the road ahead. The Next Trip feature lets you pre-load destinations through the app, so when you get behind the wheel you’re ready to go. It also displays traffic overviews, suggests faster routes, and lets you customize the dash.

Take control with your fingertips.

Navdy developed the steering wheel dial to let you skip songs, zoom in and out of maps, scroll through lists and make selections—all from the comfort of your steering wheel.


In just three easy steps, Get going with Navdy.

  1. Mount the display on the dashboard, Its flexible design lets you bend and shape it into the correct position, and provides three options—short, medium and tall—for adjusting the mount’s height. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, the magnetic attachment will help you guide the display into place.
  2. Attach the dial. First, pick which side of the steering wheel you feel most comfortable with, then use the dial’s strap to fasten it securely. You can scroll through menu options by spinning the dial with your thumb, and can select songs, contacts, routes and more by tapping the button in the center.
  3. To fully bring the display to life, download the Navdy app from the App Store or Google Play. The Navdy app works with the Navdy display, allowing you to control your phone without having to pick it up.


You are Ready to go.

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