Apple acquired Beddit’s sleep-tracking App


Apple recently acquired Beddit a sleep tracking hardware and software company and Sleep Monitor, an app and sleep system designed to monitor daily sleep habits through the iPhone and iWatch. News of the acquisition was first reported by CNBC.

Beddit has updated the privacy policy on its website to state that it has been acquired and furthermore that user information “will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.” Although the terms of the deal are not yet clear. The previous page that linked to Beddit’s Apple Watch applications appears to have been taken down.

Beddit sells a $150 sensor strip that can be placed under bed sheets and transfers slumber-related information to an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for analysis. To help you get a better night’s sleep, Apple will now be using Beddit’s sleep monitor system. Beddit measures tiny body movements in response to the heart pumping blood (cardiac contraction), and the breathing effort (thorax expansion). You can see the same effect by standing on an old-fashioned spring scale and watching the ticker flinch with every heartbeat.

All of the data collected by the Beddit Sleep Monitor is then made available to iPhone users through an accompanying Beddit iPhone app, which provides “personalized insights” and “customizable sleep coaching” to help users improve their sleep habits.

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