Apple acquires dark data specialist AI company Lattice Data for $200 mn


Apple has acquired Lattice Data, a specialist in turning unstructured “dark data” such as text and images into structured data with human-caliber quality at machine-caliber scale for nearly $200 million.

Lattice was born out of the Stanford research project DeepDive, a framework for statistical inference which allows us to solve data cleaning, extraction, and integration problems jointly. Lattice, a group of researchers and creators now create products for industry and government with a mission to unlock the value in dark data for critical real-world problems.

What is dark data?

“Dark Data” pertains to the mountains of raw information collected by in various ways (such as logs or photos) but which remains difficult to analyze. According to IBM, over 80 percent of data is “dark” and unstructured. It estimates that by 2020 this will have risen by 93 percent.

As large tech companies prepares to push more into machine learning and artificial intelligence, Apple has acquired a company to fill out its own capabilities in the area.

TechCrunch says the deal closed “a couple of weeks ago,” with roughly 20 Lattice engineers having joined Apple.

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