Audi and Volvo to build Android powered infotainment system


The search giant is partnering with Audi and Volvo to build Android operating system powered infotainment system. That means your car’s built-in infotainment system could allow you to control your air conditioning, sunroof, and windows. You can find the nearest restaurant with Google Maps, listen to Spotify or NPR, or just ask your Google Assistant for help even when you leave your phone behind.

Concept vehicle Audi’s flashy R8 sport and Volvo V90 SUVs live demonstrations will be on display at this week’s Google I/O developers conference from Wednesday, May 17 through Friday, May 19.

Since Android Auto launch three years back and now supported by 300 car models, Android-powered car infotainment systems are much closer to reality. Designed to give drivers an easy way to access the information they need―navigation, streaming audio, and communications—while minimizing the distractions they don’t need.

Patrick Brady, a vice president of engineering for Android, said the system will make its way to Audi and Volvo’s entire fleets, along with other manufacturers.

Volvo Cars’ partnership with Google reflects the ongoing convergence between the automotive and technology industries as cars become increasingly connected. Volvo is also collaborating with Google on another initiative to update recent Volvo models by adding Google Local Search, a location based service application.

Although Apple has CarPlay competes directly with Android Auto in connected car space, there are no stated plans for car infotainment systems that run iOS.

Google said it will demonstrate the software and provide more information on Android for cars during the Google I/O developer conference, which begins on Wednesday, May 17.

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