Get Started Developing with Visual Studio for Mac


Visual Studio for Mac is a developer environment optimized for building mobile and cloud apps with Xamarin and .NET. It is is an evolution for .NET development on the Mac, including Android, iOS, and .NET Core technologies.

A native user interface, Visual Studio for Mac integrates all of the tools you need to create, debug, test, and publish mobile and server applications without compromise, including state of the art APIs and UI designers for Android and iOS.


Visual Studio for Mac provides an amazing experience for creating mobile apps, from integrated designers to the code editing experience to the packaging and publishing tools. It is complemented by:

  • The full power of the beloved-by-millions C# 7 programming language
  • Complete .NET APIs for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS
  • The Xamarin.Forms API abstraction to maximize code sharing
  • Access to thousands of .NET libraries on to accelerate your mobile development
  • Highly optimized native code backed by the LLVM optimizing compiler


You can use .NET Core to build your own backend services and deploy these to your Windows or Linux servers on Visual Studio for Mac, while the project templates will get you up and running with an end-to-end configuration.

Increase productivity

Do it all in one place, with visual designers, Intellisense code completion, intelligent refactoring, and a universal search across files, types, members, commands, and NuGets.

Customize your apps

Integrate with third party resources such as Git, Subversion, or hundreds of thousands of NuGet packages.

Visual Studio for Mac can be installed side-by-side with Xamarin Studio.

Download Visual Studio for MAC Preview

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