Google Play Store 7.8 Released with Instant Apps Support


Google Play Store has been updated, new release started rolling out today along with some new features and minor improvements to the existing user experience. Google is preparing to debut some prominent features like Instant Apps support, pre-registration rewards, and more.

This Play Store update version 7.8 includes some good additions in features as featured in Android Police

  • Instant Apps Support

    Instant Apps was initially introduced during Google I/O 2016 but only few devices and a few apps could take advantage of Instant Apps. The latest Play Store update includes some notable settings that will be used with Instant Apps when they become available. This is basically a settings screen with options to disable Instant Apps, change Google account used for sign-ups and in-app payments feature. Android Instant Apps lets you experience beautiful and immersive apps, with material design and smooth animations, without installing them on your device.

    All instant apps and associated app data, including app permissions, will be removed for the current account.

    Android Instant Apps functionality is an upgrade to your existing Android app, not a new, separate app. It’s the same Android APIs, the same project, the same source code. The effort involved varies depending on how your app is currently structured. You modularize your app, and Google Play downloads only the parts that are needed, on the fly.

  • Play Protect

    “Play Protect” is basically the formal name for the malware scanner included with the Play Store. It will now scan every application you install on your Android device and later tout that installed app has been verified by PLAY PROTECT.

    Google I/O 2017 closing in quickly, it it’s hard to imagine the event could pass us by without formally launching these features.

  • Pre-registration “rewards”

    Google extended an open hand to big game developers in 2015 by introducing a pre-registration system to the Play Store that allowed users to sign up for games before they were officially released, and then receive a notification when the time came. Latest update may be taking things to the next level with real incentives for users to join the waitlist. New text in the apk mentions “pre-registration rewards” and target milestones that are met when enough people join the waitlist.


    Version: 7.8.15

    APK Mirror

The latest Play Store update includes some notable settings that will be used with Instant Apps when they become available.

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