Slack video calls now supports Screen sharing


Slack just got an update and now video calls support Screen sharing, a simple way to share your ideas and your screen. This feature is only available across teams on Slack’s paid plans.

While working with teammates over a Slack video call, you may have something a document, a chunk of code, the latest designs or notes that you might want to share with your team.

Share your screen

Screen sharing is an extension of Slack’s native calling feature, which is accessible from any channel or direct message. Start a Slack call by clicking the phone icon at the top of your screen, and then hitting the share screen button.

How your screen will be shown to others

Participants on the call will be able to see all of your shared screen, including your cursor. While you’re presenting, Slack will temporarily disable the video feed from your camera, and then turn it back on once you’ve stopped sharing. Slack notifications are also muted while you present, so others see only what you want to share, and nothing more.


To use screen sharing, you’ll need to have Slack’s calling feature turned on for your team on Slack’s paid plans.

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