Job Security an ordinary review


Being a human we always look for security in everything whether it belongs to our life, future, health or job to handle any 360-degree situations, we can handle security of life and health via some life and health insurance plans and for future we can have some saving plans but to continue these plans we need a secure job to run our daily expenses plus continuity of these bounties.

Job is something which no one can guarantee you even if you are working in the same firm for last 15 years or so, the only thing which keeps you alive and can secure your job is to have a perfect skill set in your relevant field and if a person keep polishes their skills then there is 99.9% chance that it will always open new opportunities in future.

The security is directly proportional to the comfort zone, the more you increase the security then comfort zone with the same rate will also increase and this is not beneficial in the interest of the company.

The fact is companies and employees both work for their interest and there is nothing wrong in it, if interest remains then both will happy to work with each other otherwise company will look for a new candidate or a candidate will look for new job. The rule which everyone should be learn that company pays us based on the skills which we sell to them so everyone should work with deep loyalty and dignity till the tenure with the company.

People often measure the loyalty of any employee by the number of years He /She spent at the company but as per my perspective it should not be calculated on this measure. A person with less tenure can also create a big difference for the company and can give better results, as new talent needs to prove themselves in a quick way so that they can be count as brighten future for the company so automatically they will work hard to prove their metal.

Leaving a comfort zone is never so easy and if a person is leaving it for some new learning opportunities then company should try to sustain these employees by providing new and exciting learning opportunities and it is always a healthy sign if any employees shares their thoughts with the senior tier.

Silence is half death, employees with more than 10 years at the company should come forward as now it is their turn to do something extraordinary for the company as they have more knowledge about the company environment and they have immense knowledge that how to roll the new things in the environment as they are just one step back to convert their comfort zone in to the potential work zone 😊.

Izhar Ul Haque
Project Manager | Senior Business Analyst at TCS Private Limited

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