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Hello everyone,

I am writing this post for guys who are new in app development and people who wanted to start but not motivated to start.

I started iOS App development in 2014 when i done graduation (BS Software Engineering) from Karachi University, In graduation phase most of the students done even know what line they need to pick to start career with whether they choose Graphic designing or they go for Databases or they go for Programming…

I also don’t clear with path when i was in 3rd year of university, my one friend which is in another section of Uni call me one day and said “we are going to participate in app development event and that is 3days event we are don’t allow to go outside of building just stay there for three days and develop app and win prize“. I said to them enter my name in your team as they are short of one person in the team (each team consists of 3 persons).

I saw them developing an iOS app on their Macs that is the very first time I saw iOS app development. We build an educational app and my work just only to find audio resources for the app (like lion voice audio sample searching) we don’t win that competition but that competition gives me the path. The path was iOS Development.

Break The Ice.

I started my first job 2014 in last semester of the university as iOS developer then I switch to another company after six months. Late 2014 I bought my personal MacBook and then I started experiments with app store on Saturday and Sundays.

I am very lucky that Experiment #3 done a great job for me. I created a simple app that fetches RSS feed from any feed URL and displays results on another page its two-page app I created hardly in 4 hours and uploaded to the app store.

Apple store takes 7 days to approve app on app store. When my app successfully accepted on the app store on the 1st day I got around 20 downloads and you cannot believe on the 2nd day I got approximately 1200 downloads I placed Admob banner ads inside my app and approximately 12-15 dollar I earn that day. 1st month I earn approx. 280 dollars, 2nd month around 700 dollars, the 3rd month around 900 dollars. Unfortunately, app live on App Store for three months and I learn lots of things in that period.

My app basically hit the top app charts for 3,4 European countries that are why I getting lots of download without any marketing and campaigning, a keyword that uses in the app title matters, people are always watching top apps when my app pull of from the App Store approx. 20 clones uploaded from time to time on App Store which means you always need to monitor that someone else is using your keywords and app description.

The above experiment gives me motivation and I did approx. 20 more experiments with App Store some are working but in slow income.

Umar Farooq
IOS Developer

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