Career Turn an Important Decision


Choosing career is one of the most important decision of one’s life as you have to proceed your whole life based on this decision but what if somebody did the wrong choice and after some time a person wants to join other profession or in the other department of the same field, honestly this is a brave decision to take as you may have to suffer from the monetary issues because you don’t have enough experience for a new journey .

According to current market statistics most of the candidates choose money over the profession they love but after few years things started to get bored of them and they stuck in a routine kind of activity where they don’t want to try new things and their job doesn’t stay passionate and enthusiastic for them. Every person can listen to their inner voice and it can never be wrong.

The main hurdle which you may face is working with the people who are juniors of you in terms of years of experience you have.  Take a deep breath and get yourself with these people and never ever let your ego to be climbed over your mind. You may get some dusty behaviors but these are the facts and you can never ignore it and you need to play peacefully with all these things.

The other factor is your salary may not up to the mark as you don’t have enough experience for a new profession but believe me if money is in your fate it will come to you but for choosing your dream career you have to grab it by yourself. A person will have to leave their comfort zone and will have to engage themselves in a less breathing environment and try to quickly learn the new environment and new responsibilities as quickly as possible.

Self-funding is the main essence of life in which you know your best part and you can escalate yourself effortlessly. salary and promotions are important but not more than your passion. It will not take so long to climb quickly in a new profession if one is willing to achieve or try to be the unique in their own way. Never chase for money always chase your dreams, passion other things will automatically come to your side.

Izhar Ul Haque – Project Manager | Senior Business Analyst

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