Numbers, Patterns and Your Outfit


Let’s talk about an attractive ‘number, pattern and outfit’ all-in-one combo. Speaking of attraction, it’s better to give more details. Floral prints, animal patterns, linear stripes, geometric triangles, hexagons, squares, circles, rectangles and rhombuses have made waves on the runway and red carpet. First things first, they do make perfect sense. The combinations can be a little overwhelming, but the innovative blend of fashion, nature and geometric theorems has definitely yielded sleek products.

If you thought nature and geometric design combination can never produce seriously stylish outcomes, do have a look at top brands that have filled their shelves with this trend. Even if math wasn’t your strongest skill at school, we’ve done the geometric prints and patterns homework for you. Check out how you incorporate exhilarating pattern addiction into your ensemble and rock your look.

Put Patterns into Play!

Start with your shirt or top. In fact, using patterns from your shirt or top when selecting accessories and trousers can help you show your daring side – of course, in a subtle way. So are the squares, checks big or small? Remember, wearing two patterns that are same size or weight creates a chaotic look and what ends up happening is that your outfit looks too busy and confusing. To avoid this, make sure one piece of your outfit has more noticeable pattern than the other. 

If you end up pulling out a striped shirt and patterned tie (like one with polka dots) out of your closet, make sure you wear plain jacket and solid colored pants to make your outfit sophisticated enough. Fortunately smaller patterns like tiny polka dots, extremely thin stripes and small checks can also be used as a solid base, without looking quite jarring. And this should help ease you a bit.

Perhaps the last thing you’d like to see is some unfortunate mixing and matching! Just remember to keep your patterns and outfits in the same color scheme but different weights and densities to avoid mishaps.  

Mixing Floral and Animal Prints

Stripes and geometric designs usually match well with animal prints and even polka dots. Mixing a striped top or shirt with floral skirt or pant can give the “wow” effect you’re looking for. However, as mentioned earlier, avoid mixing dense stripes or geometrical patterns with dense floral and animal prints.

Patterns Need Space!

Your outfit is the first impression on people around you, and there’s absolutely no need to wear patterned top with patterned pants, patterned jacket and patterned shoes. That’s because you need some visual space to help people understand your outfit. Remember, when you add a solid tone to your patterned outfit, the design and prints balance each other. You can pair a patterned scarf with a solid shirt and printed/patterned bottoms. We bet you’ll be surprised at the fantastic combinations you can create with your existing accessories and other clothing pieces if you follow this rule.

Use Different Densities and Sizes for Attention, Every Time

Breaking your outfit by mixing dense prints with widely spaced patterns helps your outfit stand out from the rest. The same rule applies for mixing patterns and prints that look alike. Even when the shirt and tie have stripes, you could still balance the prints when tie stripes are bolder than shirt stripes. This way your tie grabs the spotlight and you don’t need to really worry about matching pieces from the same color family.

Too much information can be distressing but wait. Things should be different now, because you’ve learned the basic rules! We know you’ll no longer be ‘mixed up’ fashion fan when mixing patterns from now on.


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