Tips for Software Quality Engineer to make Healthy relationship with the Developer


In Software companies team collaboration is a must to make project successful but the things not always stay smooth as it should be because there are many roles working together such as (Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Developer and Software Quality Engineer) so it is quite common to have some issues between them at some stage. Quality assurance is an integral part of the software project but issue arises when QA communicate with some developer on any business flow of the software as we know everyone is different and everyone has its own vision of thinking so due to the differences both don’t understand each other point of view and then the conversation becomes endless.  Below are the few tips for QA  person to communicate in a better way with the developer. 

1- You cannot always be correct:

The first things come in mind being QA means you are always correct but it’s not like that, so whenever you have some reservations on some point try to understand the other person’s perspective with honesty even if you don’t agree with him/her.

 2- Try to be Technically Strong:

What developer thinks that QA person cannot understand the technical things of the software but one can overcome these issues by reading technical documentation and learn new technologies related to software development such as ASP.NET (MVC ), Design Patterns, Web Services, Cloud Computing  so that you can be a blend of both business and technical skills.

 3- Learn Coding

Try to learn some software coding techniques because QA doesn’t mean you should only know about the front end screen but you should also be aware of the back end system which worth the most.

 4- Be Polite

A healthy debate is always positive for software projects but if you communicate with a blunt behavior it can make the things worst so always communicate with some strong logical evidence rather than with some weak ones.

 5- Make friendship with the Development Team

QA and the developer are considered to be the industry rivals but these things can be overcome by making some friendly relationship with the development team so it can help to increase the productivity and performance of the software project because when working as a team we produce more. 

6- Never Afraid of Being Wrong

Always try to share your thoughts on business scenarios and never ever try to be afraid of being wrong because anybody can be wrong and anybody can provide a better solution to the problem but remain silent can decrease you skills set.


Izhar Ul Haque – Project Manager | Senior Business Analyst

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