5 Tips to stop second guessing & Trust yourself


At some point in our lives, we all struggle with sticking to our decisions and tend to second guess ourselves. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it is hard to be sure if you have made the correct decision. But it is also important to stick to a decision once it’s made and to stand by it. Do you often find yourself stuck in a dilemma when it comes to decision making? These tips can help.

Make a list

Sometimes all the thoughts overlapping each other in our heads make the problem look bigger than it actually is. Writing down your thoughts and having a visual idea of your choices might make it easier for you to make a decision. You can further develop your list and make it easier to decide by listing down the pros and cons of all the choices and go with whichever is most suitable in the given situation.

Practice making smaller decisions

Second-guessing yourself on important and big decisions is surprisingly common. Start by dealing with small and non-disruptive decisions first. For some people, being able to decide what they want for dinner off a restaurant’s menu card is a hard decision to make. If you are one of those people, focus on making such small decisions on your own, realize when you make a wrong one and practice moving on in such situations.

Trust yourself

Many a time, our instincts make the decision for us right away but still, we go from friend to friend asking for advice. In doing so, we are only hoping that someone else will agree with us and the moment someone doesn’t, there is a sinking sensation in our gut making us question ourselves. Learn to trust yourself. It’s easier said than done, but can be learned through continuous practice. Evaluate the situation, listen to your gut and go for it.

Embrace the unknown

Know that you can’t “know-it-all” and accept it. Fearing the unknown when it comes to decision making is just an additional stressor. Instead, it’s best to embrace it. Do the best you can do with evaluating your options, assessing the pros and cons, respect your instincts and go ahead with it while being mentally prepared for the consequences.

Learn from your mistakes

The most effective way to be more confident when you are making decisions is to make more decisions, including the bad ones. Let mistakes be a lesson and allow them to help you grow. Practice moving on from a bad decision instead of dwelling on it. Sometimes being indecisive is worse than being wrong. So, be kind to yourself if you make a wrong decision and instead of beating yourself about it, reassess the situation and learn from it for the future.

Credits : Umair Jaliawala

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