Congratulations! You got that interview invite.



You got that interview invite, it means you impressed someone with your CV and they want to know more about you. You are a step closer, now you want to be ready so you don’t disappoint.

Few skills you need to further impress your interviewer(s).

1. Punctuality

Arrive early, you need to, for a good first impression and for you to be relaxed. Best timing is 15 to 30 mins before time.

2. Watch your body language.

Body language is especially meaningful in an interview as your interviewer will be paying as much attention to nonverbal cues as to what you have to say. You want to avoid nervous or bored body language like repeatedly crossing and uncrossing your legs or arms, fiddling with your hair or clothes, continually touching your face, scratching your head. Particularly avoid anything your interviewer might find annoying, like playing with a button or pen.

3. Review your CV before any interview

Make sure you can speak to any word on your CV. You can also check again for typos and replace when you get there.

4. Think before you speak

You must master the art of speaking. You listen, pause and think before you respond.

5. Speak clearly and concisely

Speak calmly and make sure you dish out only relevant information. Go straight to the point when answering a question.

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6. Showcase Industry knowledge

Don’t rely on your past or current job experience alone. You must be able to speak to the latest trends in your profession.

7. Be confident

The moment you walk on that room or start that conversation, you must display self-assurance that reflects your ability to perform effectively.

8. Presentation skills

Sharpen your presentation skills. Level up! You will always need this.

9. Exhibit your leadership abilities

Indicate that you can help the business thrive by highlighting skills such as taking initiatives, leading teams, taking responsibility etc.

10. Look good

Show up at that meeting looking very smart and presentable. Invest in one or two interview outfits and at least a body spray. You don’t want your interviewer rushing your interview because he cants breathe or he just tired of seeing your face. Ladies, please wear minimal make up.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

Anton Chekhov

The Truth About Interviews – James Caan

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