Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue.


Sam was a greedy man. He always desired to have lots of money and never hesitated to cheat. One day, Sam’s bag was missing. The bag had 50 gold coins in it. Sam searched but could not find it.

After a few days, the ten-year-old daughter of a man working for Sam found the bag and Worker gave the bag back to Sam and asked him to check whether the bag had 50 coins. Sam played a trick and said there were 75 gold coins in this bag.

The worker pleaded his innocence. Selfish and greedy Sam decided to take the issue to court. The judge heard both. He questioned the daughter and the worker about the number of coins.

He asked Sam and Sam replied, “Yes my lord, I had 75 gold coins in my bag, and they gave me only 50. Hence, it is quite obvious that they have stolen 25 coins!

The judge asked, Are you sure that your bag had 75 coins?

Sam nodded vigorously.

The judge then made his judgment.

“Since Sam lost a bag of 75 gold coins and the bag found by the girl had only 50 coins, it is obvious that the bag that was found does not belong to Sam. If anyone finds a bag of 75 gold coins, I will declare that it belongs to Sam. As there are no complaints about the loss of 50 coins, I order the girl and his father to take those 50 coins as a token of appreciation for their honesty!”

“Two kinds of greedy people never get satisfied; the seeker of knowledge and the seeker of this world”

― Imam Ali a.s

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