Late for the interview and still got hired.


She came late for the interview, but she was hired.

A woman who applied for ”Marketing Assistance ” was scheduled for an interview at 10:00 am but came at 12:36 pm. Not professional.

Immediately she came in, she put on a smile in her face and greeted us. I smiled and answered, but my partner wasn’t happy. Instead, he told her it was over.

She smiled again.
To have been late and all you could do was smile was weird.

So I asked why smiling. She told me sometimes, all you need is a smile to hide the pains in life.

”I never planned to be late. I’d prepared for weeks for this day, but circumstances were responsible for everything. I came from my son’s school down here because I was called he fell sick. While driving down here, I got a flat tire. I had to park it by the roadside.”

I was given a free ride down here. I couldn’t forfeit this interview because I had prepared. My home rent is due and no hope. My only hope is this job, but I’ve just been told it’s over.

So all I can do now is smile to give myself the unseen hope.

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She broke in tears and stood to leave.
My angry partner broke into tears too. He interviewed and hired her.
Everyone you see out there is fighting his own battle. Would it not be nice if you are kind to them?

If you won’t be nice at least be human.

“You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.”

Arte Nathan

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