Top Reasons You Should Join A Startup


If you join a startup, you’re learning everything about a company and engineering. If you join a big company, you’re learning a lot about a very little domain, and if you want to get anywhere, you’d better learn how to be a great office politician soon. Where your talents lie should determine where you work, not vice versa. Any mismatch will cause unhappiness, and life’s too short to make yourself unhappy for the sake of money.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when joining a startup, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Check out the following Top reasons why you should join a startup.

Potential Ownership or Growth

While a startup may not be able to pay a nice, fat salary, or anything at all, there is the possibility that in return for your hard work you’ll be offered something really valuable, like ownership, stocks in the company or opportunity to become some sort of high-level executive.

Everything you do in a start-up will have a direct impact on the business and are therefore more likely to receive the recognition for your hard work.

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Awesome Work Environment

People who have worked at a startup will proudly inform you that the work environment is awesome. That could be anything from a more informal dress code, allowing you to be in your pet or have a cold one with your colleagues after a hard day at the office. The list could go on and on.

Working at startup can be hectic and stressful. And, as you already know, the checks aren’t all that great. As compensation for all of the long hours and less pay, startups try to create a positive, energetic and fun work environment.

You’ll Be Pushed

You may be asked to do more than just one job. But, that’s a great chance for you to push yourself, not to mention those long hours. But, this is a chance for you to dig deep and prove to yourself and everyone else that you can rise to any challenge.

This isn’t a bad thing though, as you will quickly be introduced to all different aspects of the business to make up for having a smaller team and therefore will pick up all sorts of new skills and experience.

No Red Tape

While there has to be a hierarchy within the startup, there is no bureaucracy. This means that there is little or no red tape. And, why exactly does that matter. Because you have an easier time to speak with the important people involved with the startup, who know the mover and shakers. Because of this access, your ideas and eventual projects can get the feedback and approval to move along more quickly.

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Your Work Will Be Recognized

Because you’re a part of a small team, your work will get recognized. That’s not saying that that couldn’t happen at an established business, it just means that there’s more of a chance getting noticed when there are only a few members of the team.

As mentioned earlier, everything you do in a start-up will have a direct impact on the business and are therefore more likely to receive the recognition for your hard work.

Meet New Connections

n a way, it’s you and your team vs. the world. It doesn’t get any more powerful than that. Along the way your peers will bring out the best in you both professionally and personally. However, they could go on to launch their own startup and they may ask for your assistance. Or, maybe you’ll need their help if you move on to something else.

But it’s just not your peers. When involved with a startup you’re going to come across everyone from vendors to clients. This a great way to network, in case you didn’t know. Even if it doesn’t advance your career, you’re going to meet some really great, interesting and influential people during your journey.

With new technology appearing all around us, you never know what’s going to be the next big thing. Your new startup could even grow to be the next Apple!

Credits: John Rampton

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