11 Fears Keeping You From Being Great


Distractions can prevent you from fully reaching your goals if you let them.
The problem is that many of us are struggling to identify what distractions are because the drive behind which we hope to succeed has confused them. The worst aspect of fear is that it can infiltrate every aspect of your life, adding stress and confusion to your current responsibilities. A mindset shift will help you overcome every fear and achieve your goals.

Here are the 11 Fears Keeping You From Being Great & Accomplish your goals by John Hall
Co-founder and CMO at Calendar.com.

1. What if I lose everything?

A fresh job seeker has little to worry about and can take more chances. But once you build a life somewhere and invest time and energy in a business, you are becoming increasingly afraid that you will lose everything. Your family and staff are relying on you to make the right decisions. It can be overwhelming, but you need to address this fear rationally. Hard work, diligence, and preparation have gotten you this far. You can avoid most major problems if you budget, save and spend time reviewing personal and business risks. Doing so will help you approach tough times with a calm, rational mind and complicated situations.

2. What if I fail?

I am not the first person to address the fear of failure, and I am not going to be the last person. At some point, everyone will fail. If you are able to overcome failure, learn from it, and embrace the opportunity to improve, you will have respect for others.

3. What will happen if I have to move or change?

Habits develop easily, and you may very well enjoy where you live and work at the moment, but you must be open minded. Never let a fear of change stop you from jumping at a better chance. In each individual case, there are several things to consider, but the lesson is to separate fear from your decision-making process.

4. Do my peers respect me?

Everyone deserves respect, and the best way to earn it is to show it to other people.

5. Am I undervalued?

In an ideal world, to formulate an accurate compensation rate, there would be a formula that could calculate your involvement and value to a company. Our world is not so perfect, so you might be afraid that the proper valuation of your services will not result from working your ass apart. But in that concern, you can’t let yourself drown. It’s going to hurt your performance and you’re going to enjoy much less work. If your work is taken for granted where you are, then talk to your leadership team freely or look for another company that will really appreciate your unique abilities.

6. Will competitors destroy my business?

It is safe to say that certain competitors will stop at nothing to destroy your business. You don’t have to sit and watch a competitor destroy your business with underhanded tactics. You can take action either proactively (before a competitor’s attack) or reactively.

7. Am I appreciated?

A work culture that tends to focus on who gets credit for toxic things. It hurts more than it helps to worry about drawing attention to yourself and your work. You will be less productive and feel less satisfied with your work. Accept the fact that in your career you will encounter favoritism or injustice, but don’t worry about it. It’s only going to diminish your personal performance. Focusing on delivering work consistently that meets your own standards is better.

8. Do I look cool?

It is important to remember that because of your title, a true friend is not your friend. If you’re surrounded by Joey-, Chandler-, and Phoebe-type friends then you’re never going to have to be afraid that you can’t impress them. They’re going to be there for you.

9. Am I disappointing my family?

I might disappoint my own parents or family, that if I don’t achieve a certain level of success, I’ll be a failure. When we stop to think about it, however, I realize that my family has always been and will always be supportive. They don’t judge me on my hits or misses.

10. Am I missing out?

Very little hurts more than just letting an opportunity slip through your fingers. But there are endless opportunities out there, and they seem to gravitate toward hard-working, focused individuals. Continue to do your best job and it’s going to pay off. If you’re moping or worried about a missed opportunity, you might miss the next one.

11. Will I have enough time?

Whether it’s your first day as an intern or your 10th birthday as CEO, you’ve felt the panic grip as you realize that your to-do list is much longer than you would like. But worrying about time (and not having enough of it) only disrupts your thinking and workflow. A daily minimum list of high-priority items to be addressed, regardless of how busy my schedule is. Staying focused, prioritizing time, and reducing anxiety will help.

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