6 Valid Reasons to Quit Your Job


You’re planning to leave your job? Do you think that there can be no further progress and learning for you? Doesn’t your job give you much you expected in terms of career development?

We face a mixture of such sentiments and expressions every second day. At the workplace, we feel lethargic and our attention to work is no longer 100 %. We have some intuitions for our situations, but we don’t care about it.

Nothing is pointless in this world. Do not be afraid if you leave or resign at this stage or point of time what others will think about you. You have to make a statement to yourself that you have to make a decision about a change and you have to go on looking for the best.

Before you quit a job, you should be very sure that you want to resign. Once you’ve turned in your resignation, you probably won’t be able to change your mind and get your job back. You may read Best Job Search Tips as Shared by Professionals.

Alright, so here are the top six reasons which could help you plan in continuing or quitting your job.

• You Have a Better Opportunity

Obviously, the best reason for quitting a job is that you’ve found a new one.
Nobody can blame you for wanting to advance your own career.

• Mental Health is Tortured

It affects your mental health adversely. Getting sick of the daily routine and having no motivation to work, fair enough to seek more opportunities. At work, you can’t afford to be mentally ill. Remember that we have been caged in our desktop PCs and laptops since the technology was started and much of the work is done through the brain. No more subsidies!

• Misfit in Job

Dropping into a job when you were in dire financial need and eating up your mind now. You want to be at work at first, but now you can’t focus on it because it’s beyond your interest and expertise. Do not worry that searching for a job where you feel passionate about working is still not too late.

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• No More Fun at Work

If working is no longer a working anymore and you hate it, then stop darkening your heart and thoughts. Employee engagement activities are excited about pumping the motivation of employees at work. Do you feel no joy at work then get ready for a change, you deserve a better thing.

• No Value is Given

Ah! There is no appreciation, no recognition and no thanks giving. What in the world you are doing then? Proving yourself to whom? Go and work where your theories, innovations and hard work are treated with respect. Your determination and being ‘ on the toes ‘ must be appreciated in every way.

• Company Culture & Working Environment

It is a good time to pause your day for a couple of seconds and think seriously about yourself and your career when you are unable to adjust in the work environment, working colleagues and organizational culture.

No problem! No problem! You may happen to be the misfit in the workplace in a good organization. If the colleagues are not supportive, the policies and practices will not be officially followed and the culture will be subject to ‘ who you know ‘ then jump out of this jive is better.

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Did you enjoy reading this, awesome! What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

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