Most Important Tip To Attract Recruiters To Your Linkedin Profile


In the pursuit to attract recruiters to LinkedIn profile, people often change profile headline to ‘Seeking new opportunity’ or ‘Open to new opportunities’. This is not how to use your headline, and it signals desperation, which nobody is searching for.

To attract recruiters one crucially important thing that you must do to consider your profile when they are carrying out a search: You should switch on ‘Open to Opportunities’ feature in your privacy settings right away.

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You can find this option Under Privacy Settings > Job seeking preferences > Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities. By default, this setting is switched off. This means recruiters using LinkedIn’s Recruiter package or advertising a new role won’t know you are available for a new role. You will not appear on their search results & they will simply not find you, or approach you.

Your current employer (unless they are using the Recruiter package) will not be able to notice that you are open for new roles, so you should be able to safely keep ‘under the search’ if you are seeking a new role, but have not notified your current employer.

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Add your Career Interests

Under Jobs->Career Interests, you will be able to choose from Job Titles, Locations you would work in, and Types of job you are interested in. Naturally, you should make these lists fully comprehensive possible to make sure you don’t miss out any opportunities.

You can also add ‘Note to Recruiters’ which might say what notice you need to give, or summarise your skills and make it clear why you’re looking for a new position. The limit is 300 characters.

You can also select the industries you prefer to work in. There is no ‘All’ option so you may find it useful to refer to my list of industries used in LinkedIn. The last selection available is the size of the company you prefer to work in. You may prefer to work in smaller, or larger organizations, so you can specify your preferences here.

Want to know about LinkedIn Reactions?

You can’t be found in a search if you don’t meet the right criteria. Follow the steps above to make sure you’re visible to recruiters. Did you enjoy reading this, awesome! What am I missing here? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

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