Discouraging Manager – A Sick Mentality


An effective boss inspires and motivates his workers and encourages them to work as a team. A discouraging boss gradually but firmly establishes negative emotions in his employee’s mind.

Humayun Syed, Professional Human Resource strategic shared his valuable experience about a discussion between him and manager at XYZ company.

I was in an organization’s career planning and promotion session as part of an employee encouragement.

Holding the list of employees and more than one employee had been at the same position for almost 8 valuable years. After some Hi, Hello with the manager and the conversation started as follows

Syed: So let’s take an example of this guy who had been at the same position for almost 8 years, he’s been in this position for way too long and why is that?

Manager: Well he is good for this position.

Syed: Okay, so let me understand that in 8 years he never showed the capability to exceed his daily routine? Never go above and beyond the call of duty?

Manager: No but he is good for this position as compared to others.

Syed: Okay, so you see the way I see it is that right; either the guy does not have the capability to go beyond a stated or implied limit which means he should not be here or you have not given him a single chance!

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Manager: I gave him chances but I think we should leave him here itself. We are happy with his performance and output.

Syed: Surprising!!! He is not performing and cannot take more responsibilities and you gave him chances (without defining what kind of chances) and you still want him here in the company at the same position!

Manager: We can spend all day talking about it but I AM THE MANAGER!!! He is working great, also he is getting increment every year why should we have any concern?

Syed: Okay, so let us keep him there and he is getting increments every year.
Surprisingly, his salary is more than his lead/supervisor…
How can you justify that?

Manager: I have nothing to say, more than what I have said!!

Syed: Okay, let us do one thing and conclude. You Mr. Manager will get the same pay you are getting right now, but I will re-title you as Executive or even Sr. Executive Manager with the same pay, how about that? You will work in that capacity with those assignments.

Manager: (Flared up, stood up all red like a tomato) you are disrespecting & dishonoring me! Do you know who I am & How I reach this position? I have spent 16 long years to reach this position & I should now be a Director! You are wasting your and my time!

Syed: You spent 16 years to become a manager and that makes you feel convenient… How do you think that guy sitting on that seat for 8 valuable years feels? As I see it, my question to you is, are you capable enough to be a manager? Leave aside from being a leader.

Conversation Ends..

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Mentality like that really looks for worshipers, because they want to be HIS HIGHNESS… What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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