Elementor, First Live WordPress Page Builder


Elementor, a truly revolutionary, a whole different and never before seen Live WordPress page builder. Elementor is a true game changer in the page builder landscape, and it includes some unique features as stated below.

These include a much stronger code base, faster drag and drop, complete control over the page layout, and incredible flexibility regarding widget styling. Get this – all these options are available on the free, open source and GPL Elementor plugin.

Elementor is better in the features which matter most for designers: control over the layout, control over styling, abundance of widgets, performance and code optimization, responsive design capabilities and compatibilities with other themes and plugins.

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• Live design. Truly live.

Elementor allows you to edit page elements while viewing the live site. Elementor is the first to make it work. No lags, no confusing widgets, no need to switch to preview mode, no long learning curve. Every design element is changed on real time and live.

• Control Over Layout

A great design starts with the structure of the page. Controlling the various page elements, the gaps between widgets, their width, height and positioning, can truly make or break a design. Elementor gives you a lot more control over these settings than ever possible on a live page builder for WordPress. Because it’s a live builder, it’s much easier to decide whether the different structure settings are exactly set to your liking.

Section width

Column gap

Resize columns

Content positioning

• Control Over Styling

Elementor lets you customize styling for every widget you place on the page, as well as for rows and columns. This styling control includes adjustments of fonts, colors, background and spacing. Want to change the opacity of a button? You can do that with a simple drag of a controler.

Backgrounds & borders
Font awesome icons

• All The Widgets You Need

With Elementor you get the complete package of widgets, for free. No other page builder for WordPress has ever offered such a wide array of widgets for free. These widgets include expected widgets like text, heading and image boxes, and more advanced widgets like video backgrounds, toggle and accordion, google maps and many more.

• Any Theme, Any Plugin, Any Page

Compatibility starts with well crafted code architecture. We’ve made Elementor as unobtrusive and optimized as possible, so it not only works fast but does not conflict with other themes and plugins.

• Mobile First. Mobile Editing.

Elementor Page Builder comes with an exclusive toolset, that lets you create truly a responsive website in a whole new and visual way. From different font size, padding and margin per device, to reverse column ordering, this is the most powerful mobile page builder for creating perfect responsive websites.

Elementor as open source and GPL, and the reason is to utilize the power of theWordPress developers community, in order to enhance Elementor even further.

Your feedback and ideas matter. Let me know in the comments!

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