How to Find a Job using LinkedIn


Designed for professionals, LinkedIn is a social networking website specifically for companies and job-seekers. The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users to create an online profile that represents their employment history and skills set.

Through this profile, you can find jobs and business opportunities, network with professionals who can recommend you to their colleagues, and gain insights into your industry. Executives from the world’s top companies are on LinkedIn, giving members an opportunity-rich environment.

But how do you build the perfect LinkedIn profile to ensure that employers are finding you? If you’re thinking about working abroad, your LinkedIn profile might be the perfect place to start your job search. It functions a little like an online resume (with tons of other features as a bonus). Here are our tips for using LinkedIn to help you land your perfect job.

● Choose a catchy headline

Many people simply use their job title as their headline. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s a waste of an opportunity: you have 120 characters to use to describe your strengths and catch an employer’s attention. Use them to explain what you can offer.

For example,

“Marketing Consultant: Helping brands get noticed for the right reasons.”

● Include a picture

It goes without saying that a strong profile is essential to your LinkedIn campaign. It is, after all, what expresses the value you will deliver to employers.

Employers looking for recruits may scroll through thousands of profiles per week. These written profiles can often seem impersonal and artificial; so bring some life to your account by including a picture and showing the employer that you are the professional and presentable individual that you claim to be.

The most important rules for your photo are

  1. Includes only you.
  2. Is of high quality.
  3. Matches your occupation.
  4. Expresses your personality.

● Polish your summary section

This is a section that differs greatly from your résumé in voice. The idea with your résumé is to make it brief, while still demonstrating value.

Don’t leave it blank or simply list your work experience.

Write a sentence for each of your major successes; mention the principles and ideas that really motivate you. Include any major qualifications or certifications you have received.

This is also a great place to mention if you learned English for your international career. Recruiters and employers looking for bilingual employees will see this section first, and mentioning language skills may encourage them to read on.

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● Set Up a LinkedIn Vanity URL

When you register with LinkedIn, it automatically assigns you with a URL that contains random Alphanumeric combination. Linkedin allows you to edit your URL so that it includes your name, this way when an employer searches your name, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top results. This makes you more visible to future employers and recruitment agencies.

● Build your recommendations

Recommendations are like a testimonial to your work and skills that everyone can see. The most common way of getting a recommendation is to recommend someone else & They will recommend you back.

Recommendations will convince employers that you’re not just a wannabe, you really can deliver on your claims. Seek out recommendations from people who know your work well and can speak highly of you.

If you feel uncomfortable asking colleagues for recommendations, try writing recommendations for them without being asked. It is likely that they will return the favor.

● Build a strong network

Having a strong network is essential. It represents those you know and trust, and you can utilise it for recommendations and to ask for introductions into a job or opportunity in which you are interested. 

LinkedIn will request you to import contacts from your Email account. However, we suggest you deselect this option. While it may help you to build a lot of contacts, it is likely that there are people in your contacts who aren’t going to be helpful to you & may even detract from your professional image.

Instead, use the search function to manually search for connections. Once you have made your selections, LinkedIn will then suggest similar people.

Spend some time writing personal, tailored messages to each person that will explain why you would value them as a connection, they’re much more likely to respond to your request.

● Be active in LinkedIn groups

You can join groups on LinkedIn in a range of fields and interests. While groups can vary on privacy and settings, they all help bring people together. Similar to fan pages on Facebook, LinkedIn has a Group functionality that allows members to connect around a common interest or area of experience/skills.

This is a great way to build your network and increase your recommendations, so whether it’s an alumni group from university or an industry-specific group, join in, and start a conversation. The more groups you join, the more you can network with like-minded professionals.

Add content to groups when possible and relevant. Share relevant news to the group, Get updates, that will benefit other people and demonstrate your passion for your chosen industry.

● Add Keywords to Your Profile

Adding keywords to your LinkedIn profile helps recruiters and companies find you. When recruiters and employers search LinkedIn, they use industry-specific keywords to refine their searches.

For example, if an employer is looking for a Sales Person, they are likely to search keywords such as “sales,” “management,” and “marketing” to drive them towards professionals that are skilled in this area.

● Publish & Stand Out

Once your LinkedIn profile is complete, proofread it for spelling, grammar, and accuracy, trying to judge whether your headline is attention-grabbing, your summary is interesting, honest, and easy to read, and whether your personality comes across.

Finding your dream job is easier than ever in our more-connected-than-ever modern world. Use LinkedIn to its full potential and you’ll be able to take your job search to the next level.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!E

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