She Almost Got Fired But


We hired a project manager who lost her focus. Many times she had been spotted crying. Clients work were lagging. We were tired of excuses.

We held a meeting and almost fired her, but my partner and I felt we should dig deeper. It’s obvious all wasn’t well.
We invited her for a chat. During discussions, she burst into tears again.

She opened up: She got separated and lost the custody of her two children.
She had gone through the knives to give birth to them.
To have gone through that pains and lose them to an abusive partner overnight is devastating.

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I asked if she had taken a further step, she didn’t know how.
Then I remembered she was an immigrant. She had been in Canada for not less than two years.
She was really heartbroken and depressed.
We gave her fewer activities to make her concentrate and recommend a good lawyer.
We were not just saving her job, we were protecting her career and life.
Luckily, she won the case.

There was a wild celebration in the office. She bursts into tears to see everyone was with her on this.

If you don’t value your teammates, then you don’t care about their wellbeing.
People go through many challenges. Some don’t have the mind to open up. You have to care for your teammate’s wellbeing, after all, we are all human

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