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Job Seeking over LinkedIn requires a lot of efforts and sometimes it requires just a common sense. LinkedIn offers a variety of tools and techniques to network, connect and find jobs.

With over 20 million companies listed on the site and 14 million open jobs, it’s no surprise to find out that 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. A study revealed that 122 million people were interviewed through LinkedIn, 35.5 million of whom were hired on the site by a person they were connected to.

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In this article LinkedIn, a new feature is included which will truly amaze the job seekers as shared by Shoaib Hassan in one of his ArticleIt will not only save their time but as well as fast track their job applications.

Step # 1

Open your account’s “Settings & Privacy” section by clicking on the ME icon from the top bar. On the next page select Privacy and from Job Seeking Preferences choose Job Application Settings.

Step # 2

In the middle of the page, you will now find a summary section. Here you can upload your resumes (docx / pdf) and use them through the Easy Apply feature when sending job applications. It would become a default to select when you upload your first document here.

Click on the three dots and choose Remove Default. Then upload another one and continue the same until you have uploaded your multiple resumes

It’s really handy if you have multiple (tailor-made) resumes and want to select the best when submitting job applications.

Step # 3

Now that you have uploaded your best-tailored resumes for multiple roles. Now let’s try how it works when we submit the job applications on the actual field.

Next, once you have found the job you wish to apply / submit your resume for click on Easy Apply.

A dialogue box would open and you would see your default resume has been already attached.

Big Relief! Isn’t it? But wait, you might have a question here that this default resume would appear every time and how can I access my other resumes?

It is very simple. Just click on the cross button next to your default resume and you would have more options.

Now you can simply select here one of your (best tailored) resumes and submit with the job application. Would you like to add more customized resume? Follow the above steps and add more. You can save time for tomorrow by investing time now.

This is a nice feature and support from LinkedIn and I believe that if used properly, time can be saved literally as well as the job application process can be tracked quickly.

Job seekers who have been submitting their generic resumes and always find it a pain to customize it and attach should not worry anymore.

Thanks to Shoaib Hassan for revealing this great feature. What is missing here? Let me know in the comments.

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