Tips for Hiring An SEO Agency or Consultant


The biggest problem in the SEO and digital marketing industry from a client’s perspective is snake oil services. There are many businesses (regardless of size) invested in SEO services and turned out that the company was practicing black hat services which hurt the business instead of profiting it from the online world.

Hiring SEO help can make or break your company. A good SEO will get you on the path to making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, but a bad SEO could cripple any existing search traffic you get.

In this post, I am going to give you 5 ideas that you should keep in mind when hiring a digital marketing company or a consultant for your business. Remember having a proven background with satisfied clients is a plus but not really mandatory when it comes to SEO as the things are continuously changing from time to time and what works today might not works tomorrow or what works for you might not works for some other niche.

Here are the quick ideas:

Their Reputation Online

Social is the backbone of this industry so saying that “we are not social savvy” doesn’t make sense at all. Twitter is one of the first places where we go with a coffee cup so if the agency or a consultant you are hiring is not active on twitter (or any other social media platform) you probably should question this and if they do not come up with a satisfying answer, you probably should know what to do next.

Exposing the Expert Level

I personally represent my expert level in the Moz QnA or on my blog where I write regularly. Many people spend their time on forums, twitter chats and more but in this industry if you are really a while hat player, you always have something to share with your audience and your fellow peers.

If the company or a consultant doesn’t help others with their knowledge for free, they probably don’t have it. Having a blog on the website is not enough, read their few blog posts and get an idea of how expert they actually are.

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Testimonials from clients are important there is no problem with that but in the digital marketing industry, it is also important to get a feedback from industry influencers. If responsible and known digital marketers are giving a positive feedback about a person or a company, chances are the company itself will be able to deliver great results to their clients.

Write on other big blogs

If the consultant or a company is writing on big media platforms like, Entrepreneur and some niche related blogs like (for my niche), SEMRush, State of Digital, SEJ and more and their posts are getting decent amount of shares and comments then you can judge their expert level and expect results from their service.

Transparency is their keyword

We will bring you top rankings and X amount of traffic within 6 month. These are great deliverables but if the process of how are they really going to achieve it is not clear, simply do not start working with them as this is more dangerous than doing nothing at all.

Transparency should be their keyword and if they are not transparent, it’s better to invest somewhere else then to give it a shot.

Digital Marketing or SEO is not as simple as web designing or development so finding a right agency will require a bit more efforts. It is better to invest your time in the beginning as this will help you in the longer run.

What’s missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

Credits: Moosa Heemani

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