Why did you leave your last job?


Want to answer “Why did you leave your last job?” in an INTERVIEW?

Do this as a piece of advice by Kristy Bonner …..

1. Don’t try to avoid the question.

2. Be truthful.

3. Don’t trash your former manager or employer. Be as diplomatic as you can.

4. Don’t appoint blame to others. Take ownership; be accountable.

5. Give minimal details, unless probed.

6. Project yourself in a way that assures the interviewer that it was an isolated case and no cause for concern.

7. Finish by explaining what you learned from the experience.

8. Express gratitude toward the company you left.

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The same applies to anyone in a current role, interviewing to transition elsewhere.

Life happens.

I know it, you know it, and recruiters and hiring managers know it too.

If they choose not to hire you because of it, put it behind you, carry on searching and move on to the next interview.

When you exit a company you want to do it as amicably as possible for 2 reasons:

1. You will need a reference.

2. The business world is a tiny place in reality.

EMPLOYERS: my advice to you is….. Do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching!

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